Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Re: SCOTUS What Shall We Tell The President?

One of the better things that might come out of the decision would be what is already implemented in Los Angeles I read. They have city officers or workers whose job is to go out and monitor air quality in different locations. In NYC we often rely on a hospital (the irony) for air quality reports. Just the other day Fedex began building a large warehouse and regional garage in the South Bronx, one of the highest asthma attack levels in the US (I had one there as a child, I blame it on the uncontrolled wrecking ball outlawed in Manhattan) providing just TWO local jobs, having moved its facility thus from mid-Manhattan, and it would be good to have scientific data gathering so perhaps we might have better planning. The Capitol Dome was cast there and assembled for President Lincoln in D.C. for $1 million. The Janes and Kirtland firm had been removed from the vicinity of the Tweed Courthouse, in the vicinity of the new African Burial Ground National Monument presumably to cut some of the "smokestack" emissions.

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