Monday, April 02, 2007

Re: Diamonds Are A President's Best Friend

I was listening to an author on WNYC (the radio station almost sold off under former Mayor Rudolf Giuliani) to an author of the Bush family, who wanted to dispel the "dealing with the Nazis" story during WWII (which it is true their office was shut down over strategic metals however I heard) and was describing the current President's "windfall" which he used to buy the former turkey farm in Crawford, Texas. The author asserted that the brother of CBS wanted to buy the Texas Rangers baseball team but was beat-out of it by then Governor of Texas George W. Bush, which suggests a misuse of power to some.

I played on a Little League team myself, left-field, and we came in first, the "Tinker National Bank" team out on Long Island, NY. Kids in cleats, and hardball back then, at least today it's a little safer. As Yogi Berra says, it was invented to keep parents off the streets.

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