Sunday, April 08, 2007

Re: From The Vault: "The Press And The Candidates," Oct. 16, 1964

I enjoyed the public service announcement at the end from NYer Rod Serling, "anyone who uses fire is a potential killer" having missed his talk in Buffalo, NY years ago. Senator Goldwater's son (sometimes spray painted as AuH2O back then) was a test pilot for NASA I think, one he flew a pivoting single wing I read. Once, in a archaeology survey "discovered" Luce Landing on Long Island's eastern north shore where the original surveyor of Martha's Vineyard Island landed and settled in early Suffolk County and some of the historical research talks about them, later a name associated with large circulation magazine "Life" going recently out of circulation.

The Presidency and its selection is in dire straights these days when it loses the ethics of a democracy, and forgets, Newburgh, NY where a plot by his officers and stopped by him, almost made George Washington a king. It is also threatened when it forgets that a then once 10 year old German immigrant arrival on Governors Island, NY (offered back to NYC for $1 by then president Clinton a "swivel gun" monument there states) who was arrested and held in jail for an article he printed on only the second printing press in New York, critical of a candidate held on the "...Eastchester village green, the site of the "Great Election" (1733), which raised the issues of Freedom of Religion and Press" in Mount Vernon, NY. The original Bradford press printed only the affairs of state. CBS Public Eye blog report.

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