Sunday, April 08, 2007

Re: A Lack Of Confidence

"Divide and conquer" so the British thought, use the Hudson River, divide the northern colonies from southern colonies, control Kings Ferry near the village of Verplanck, NY on the "Shatemuck" the river that flows both ways. At the Kennedy House on the road to the ferry, the "moving" trial of General Charles Lee continued for the loss of the Battle of Monmouth in today's New Jersey. Alexander Hamilton recovered from a life-threatening illness after two weeks. 6000 French troops arrived from the long march from Providence, Rhode Island, and General Rochambeau convinced them, with the French Navy to arrive there, to cross the Hudson River and take General Cornwallis in Virginia and not Admiral Cornwallis in New York City, where General Washington had lost the first Battle of Long Island.

My point is for Americans, in my opinion, to have confidence in a "war" without aims is tough, 1) against "terrorism" associated with Islam here in the US once by mostly Saudi lunatics, 2) in two nations, one Iraq we have occupied with no withdrawal date and Afghanistan, once invaded by the USSR which we boycotted their Olympics over, and 3) Iran, with whom we mistakenly shot down a commercial jetliner full of pilgrims to Mecca and once had 80 F-14 on the ground and a Grumman compound of about 4000 employees training them for the Shah back during the student begun takeover that resulted in a rumoured "October surprize" and a the scandalous "arms for hostages" under the Reagan administration. Tough.

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