Saturday, April 07, 2007

Century-Old Fish Caught Off Alaska Coast

"Fishes of Alaska" may actually be fishes of many places. Whales are well known, though not "fishes" per se, to travel great distances. Overfishing has and will have many consequences (N. Atlantic killed large sharks small proliferate eat all the bay scallops who are swimmers vs. ocean scallops dredged, with everything else, up off the ocean bottom. Bay scallops used to be caught in nets in tidal inlets).  A former "Stars and Stripes" reporter in NYC is head of an organization to get nations to agree on fisheries management, often, like the new "lobster war" between Canada and the US off Maine, are not covered enough by the press. "Rockfish That Tipped Scale At 60 Pounds May Have Been One Of State's Oldest Creatures" CBS Evening News

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