Friday, March 30, 2007

Worried About the Presidency

I am worried about the Presidency. At first I thought well, so he was a little rough with the woman West Point cadet graduating he was taped sort of pushing. Then he slammed into the Scottish policeman on his bicycle at the G8 summit putting that guy out of work, according to the Scotsman, for many weeks (14?). Now there's this very short video where he walks behind the sitting PM of Germany and digs his hands in around her neck in her shoulders before getting to his own seat at the table with many other world leaders. Then I heard he was drinking and referring crudely to the staff and said of his wife she's a "see you next Tuesday" overheard by others. They should take the Tex-Mex Chex mix away until he stops, perhaps. Anyway so I've seen. I grew up in a Republican stronghold on Long Island, Brookhaven Town (largest in area in NY) where I won a lottery for a summer part-time parks job in 1976, mostly raking the rocks out of the bar league softball field for night-games in North Bellport.

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