Monday, March 05, 2007

A lesson plan from the South Pole

I sometimes watch ed-TV and remember the North Pole lesson plan. This teacher in summer goes all the way to the north pole and on the horizon appears a big red Russian ice breaker that pulls up near it. No global warming there, huh? By the way if you look in Wikipedia the Russians have built a wonderful all wood chapel next to the South Pole too, in my mind looks somewhat like the one that might have been on the White Pass and Yukon RR route from Skagway, Alaska to the Yukon in their photo archives. "Seward's Icebox" is certainly warming up! Posted on 2/20/07

Source: A lesson plan from the South Pole -- georgejmyersjr@...'s comment on "(Images: A lesson plan from the South Pole)" TalkBack on ZDNet

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