Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A War Too Far: General Revolt

George Myers | 2/28/2007, 11:29 am EST

Before “Top Gun” we sold 80 F-14 Tomcats to Iran. 4000 Grumman employees (like Apollo 13) were in a compound for the Shah training them, but the students, who said to Kissinger they were being spied on by Savak while going to school in the US, which he said there was nothing he could do about, revolted before that I think could become 100 Tomcats. I was in the test pilots house for his birthday when it was announced that if the USSR made a move for the Iran border during the crisis the US would obliterate all Tomcats. I think they said it was over the air-to-air missiles, an expensive secret technology, the Tomcat truly a WMD, a fighter-bomber, it can acquire and deal with up to six targets at a time. It also had some problems and could fall out of the sky without another one being nearby I saw on Albany TV, footage presented by reporter Mr. Holbrook and subsequently Langley I think has made mods.

Source: "A War Too Far: General Revolt" in Rolling Stone "National Affairs Daily" ed. Tim Dickenson

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