Tuesday, February 27, 2007

First Lady - Elayne Boosler at Huffington Post

Comment: Robert Gardiner the heir of Gardiner's Island out on the east end of Long Island said his great-aunt, First Lady Julia Gardiner, President John Tyler's ("elected Vice President and became the 10th President of the United States when Harrison died 1790-1862") second-wife was strong advocate for the admission of Texas to the Union, her father the US Senator from New York. They met when the "Peacemaker" a prototype "super cannon" exploded on the deck of the USS Princeton saluting George Washington's Mount Vernon above the Potomac River, knocking them both down below deck where they were having a glass of champagne. A number of people were killed including her father and members of the Cabinet. The cannon was made in Manhattan in New York City by a large English foundry, Haddersley I think whom he said rode around in carriages affecting royalty. It's been said she was the "prettiest First Lady" as that goes. When ex-President Tyler died in charge of Confederate Richmond, Virginia during the Civil War, (they had lived on his plantation in the Tidewater area of the James River, she had a vision of his passing riding all night to be at his side) her entourage in mourning was allowed to cross the siege and defense lines in ceasefire in respect of the First Lady traveling back to NYC. She was after scandalously involved in a large Manhattan real estate "last will" case, as up to that time, uncontested and became so after challengeable he said. I see somewhere she lived on later on Staten Island in NYC. A famous case, Mr Gardiner, in law school used to fib about it being about his family he related. He served on the "U.S. Princeton" in naval intelligence in WWII and used to rub elbows with the rich and famous. He said Gloria Swanson thought it would take a Vivian Leigh to portray her.

Source: First Lady Elayne Boosler at Huffington Post

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