Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hormones and other reticulo-endothelial matters

Sex pests 'could have hormone injections' | the Daily Mail "Clockwork Orange" author Anthony Burgess (sometimes said to be about reaction to his brother's treatment by the law) was mis-diagnosed, said to have only 2 years left to live and lived at least 20 more, teaching at Buffalo University in New York (Nova Eborac). Who will decide and how would this affect child abuse and incest which occurs statistically inside families? Would it equally apply to all or just a minority of "known" offenders while the unknown crimes and misdemeanors persist in the family? It's like saying a Protestant clergyman never molested anyone because they're "married". Or asking whose the "deviant" the seeker or the one who provides what's sought after. ("Eyes Wide Shut"). Or it's the bomb, which I tend to believe. (Dr. Strangelove). Will "2001" cause this shift to drugged justice? (From the birthplace of Stanley Kubrick, Bronx, NYC) Blogged with Flock

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