Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton launches White House bid

I hope now at least she'll be granted a tribute at the Yale Law School, all others in politics from there have. We've had a Harvard MBA conspiracy perhaps with Mr. Bush getting out of National Guard 6 months early (which started as protection of the new capital, New York City, before 'it' became state militias) to pursue with his stated MBA school chum and major Republican Party contributor, Mr. Thomas C. Foley, who, according to the 'Washington Post' is reportedly in charge of privatizing all the once state-run businesses in Iraq! Some MBA! I hope they at least give her the same recognition at Yale University. I'm from New York State and I think as a Senator she's been doing a wonderful job in a difficult political climate, between Congress meeting in NYC, the Republicans having their convention there too and the propaganda that's led the country into a declared war based on fallacious evidence.

Comment at "US News" Monsters and Critics to "Hillary Clinton launches White House bid" Even Ralph Nader has "telos".

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