Saturday, January 20, 2007

The G4 Feed: Chinese Blow Up Death Star

A Swedish rocket science historian, who lives with a former NIKE pintle as his cabin table, had online East Germany published picture of "West" "sub-orbital" satellite, depicted in a magazine from there. Fired over territory to gather information orbitals don't, the antenna array looked like a smaller version shown in "Close Encounters". Alleged in that magazine, he wrote on-line as a usual course sent over the former USSR, often intercepted and shot down, that Korean Flight 007 was just another one on radar, and tragically shot down. Swedish Nikes were converted to weather research. I worked on the archeology of the Marathon Battery EPA National Priority Site, in Cold Spring, NY where the nicads were made for the NIKE, contaminating the cove at historic West Point Foundry. A former archeology worker since joined Naval Intelligence, crash landed on Hainan Island China having collided and killed a jet fighter pilot, not long after President Bush took office in 2001. Source: G4 - The Feed)

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