Friday, September 01, 2006

Saving Pluto: The fightback begins

Matilda or Matilde? by: georgejmyersjr (54/M/Bronx, NY) "Matilda Visits Early Monday, Just Stays Until Noon Period." An astronomer told us, he had once been a friend of astronomer Kohoutek's fiancée (named a comet, "Comet Kohoutek" that didn't produce the "fireworks" thought it might in the 1970s) as a mnemonic device for the planets order, M_ercury, V_enus, E_arth, M_ars, J_upiter, S_aturn, U_ranus, N_eptune, P_luto. There are others but I wonder was this the first? (I added the comma maybe it belongs there with the asteroid belt?)

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