Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"Shipping News" comment

I think the film was a metaphor for Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick in the Bay of Fundy, where Willa Cather once had a house (the only one she ever had) on Whale Cove. The house tie-down reminded me of the Swallowtail Light in a film "Hemoglobin" with Rutger Hauer. OK maybe not...but it was weirdly dreamy half Kpaxy like, like Bob Newhart was going to wake up and find out he was in the Marathon Hotel in North Head dreaming of Newfoundland. Many have left since the cod fisheries were closed. A cousin's son lost a Newfie friend to some alcohol and too many Tylenols which led to a liver failure! Unbelievable a young friendly guy. Another friend, run into twice took his little sailboat there to study birds near St. Johns, Newfdld. on an ethology grant from them. Another Canadian taught me Rollei close-range photogrammetry, after Forensics got a drubbing from the US for not recording an aircrash in Gander before the blizzard set in. It's so true, they should make a film about 9/11 in Gander, all those people put up in there private homes helping out while General Myers from Space Command answered Congress questions about a flight forced down over Alaska into Canada (or was it the other way around). Well I enjoyed the "dulse aisling" the film was reminded me of a shore, being at sea over Seal Cove, ("dulse dreaming" [Scot.] having once picked red seaweed at lunar low tides there on Grand Manan after a summer of fog, sundried on Indian Beach, cobbles like ostrich eggs). There all changed places now, I hope eventually for the good. We need international marine management, we're too insular still. The US once paid Greenlanders much dough to stop fishing hoping angler sea salmon would return, blew up dams, brought the mountain to Allah, still no fish. More cooperation is needed.

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