Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Re: 250 Water St., Manhattan, NY

Hello Don! Kinda' of late when I decided to send that, "Germania Hall" is just listed as "bowling alley" in City history book that came out, big volume. The National Guard was once just that here in NYC when it was the Capital of the US. The thing is these draft riots were terrible, blacks were killed its said, etc. $300 got you out of the Draft then. Anyway the head of this Guard unit was in "courts martial" for whatever he did with the unit, its hard to get back into those records. Apparently, there were a lot of way Upstate guys in it from Plattsburg, NY etc. They walked to Washington, DC to guard the Capital, and I have this feeling they were guarding landmarks down there. These other State Militias became the "National Guard" in the rest of the country. I met a Resident Advisor who was there at Kent State, and the cop, Sergeant Myers, there says, he could never understand it, there were some rambunctious kids the night before but he had the situation under control! Anyway, I don't think I could get but I might be in Manhattan on Friday, next to the "Irish Punt" on Exchange Place between Broad and William Sts., where the office is on the 13th floor where they pay $13 an hour. Good to hear from you again. Hope things in California are working OK. I am trying to write a history of place after staying there for 2 1/2 days which has an Upper Hudson Railroad, North Creek Railroad Depot Museum, whitewater rafting, and it's trying to get an "interconnect" with Gore Mountain Ski Area, especially since its where the skiing started before shifting up the Peaceful Valley Road. So they have a 200 acre parcel, put houses and retail in, start up the ski lift again and people can get there from 3600 foot high Gore and vice versa. In the meantime I have to figure what if any archaeological resources might be impacted by development, then the State can say they upheld the law. The Mohawk Indians lived nearby, were there when settlers got there. They sold the over 1 million acres to us (The Adirondack Park Agency, part of the oldest state forest preserve in the US is 3X the size of Yellowstone and larger than the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!) Anyway NYers spend 100 million in Vermont each winter, 200 million in private investment wants to get some of them back home.

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