Wednesday, August 24, 2005

BAGnewsNotes: Your Turn: Facing Fallujah

I was first reminded of 'Blade Runner' the film which revolves around retinal scanning after the 'double' fad (or cloning or the 'doppelganger') and the 'greenhouse factor' come to pass (back in 1980 according to the script, I was a 'Planetary Atmosphere' student during the Mars Viking Lander). Then I thought if all magic is science, science we just haven't seen before, what might someone attribute to this 'science' as they found out about it. Perhaps it should be used while handing out a voter's identification. I read 10 years ago they tried that in Mexico, the card, provided by a US firm, I don't know how well it went. Many are still denied voting rights in the US, after the 'motor voter registration' crusade. 'DECKARD (V.O.) Every government that could was racing to populate their colonial territory. But emigrants needed incentive. Over-population and the greenhouse factor didn't seem to be enough; but owning a human look-a-like had lots of appeal. It was big industry, the competition was stiff and Tyrell was top of the line.' BLADE RUNNER Screenplay by HAMPTON FANCHER July 24, 1980 Brighton Productions Inc. 1420 No. Beachwood Drive Hollywood, Calif. 90028

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