Tuesday, August 30, 2005

CBS News counters bloggers with 'nonbudsman' | Tech News on ZDNet

Tech News on ZDNet: "CBS News counters bloggers with 'nonbudsman'

CBS blogs the bloggers with a blog "not" of their own.

In Canada "ombudsmen" are there to help the citizen with what might be government problems between offices and departments. If you think for example one department may have treated your "application" (or something else) incorrectly for reasons beyond your control (say your mortgage wasn't approved, or something for what you think is some other "nonofficial" reason) you can seek the independent "ombudsman" to look into it for you. I think in NYC the "Public Advocate" office is a similar office. After all Tammany Hall thought "civil service" the direct root of "Anarchism" when party loyals, returning from service (war and other things) could not be given a job, but had to pass "civil service" tests, which I was taught began in China thousands of years ago to regulate "hydraulic" water, for farming through canal construction, regulation, etc. Like the "Milagro Beanfield War" all over the place.

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