Saturday, May 14, 2005

Walking through Judge J.F. Barnard's "Grand View" farm digging holes...

The Grable shot? My high school history teacher (in Greek his family were "assassins" he once said) was an atomic cannon-man, which he said was a deadly position, as when fired at the Eastern front would be over-run by their tanks coming across the borders. I had a picture, from online, of one of the behemoth white cannons which were towed at either end by huge truck cabs. One is pointed at the Eisenhower homestead from a park in Texas, a "roadside America" online posting. Well, we did sell 100 Grumman F-14 "Tomcats" to the Shah of Iran (I once celebrated the birthday of its test pilot, where TV told us the US would blow-up them all if the USSR went for the border during the hostage crisis as the air-to-air missiles are very important technology. Over 4000 Grumman employees had been in a compound in Iran training their pilots and support crew. It's said that the F-14 can track up to six targets and may have had electronic counter-measures, I didn't ask him however. Makes for interesting geo-politics.) The F-14 also had problems later worked out at Langley is it, similar to the film "Top Gun" and can flat spin out of the air which has been fixed. Maybe we could do a deal with them and get their investment in our air power back on the right track? (Posted at BagNewsNotes about an Economist mag cover)

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