Saturday, May 14, 2005

Daisy daisy give me an answer true...

Where's "Huntley and Brinkley" now that we need them? Come to think of it, as Ms. Richards of Texas used to exclaim, "Where's George?" My cousin George Murray directed them at NBC News, after a US Army Captain career in the Korean War led to film editing our service films, then film editting at NBC news. He later produced "NBC Nightly News from New York" during those Gemini and Saigon days. His last assignment with CBS produced the 1976 coverage of both Democratic and Republican conventions. He died in Mexico City, where his wife was an Avon fashion executive. Edwin Newman read a letter at his eulogy in the United Nations Chapel, a statement that "higher-ups" cancelled the many month investigation of US soldier's views of the Vietnam Conflict (not to be confused with the later lawsuit by General Westmoreland against the entire NBC network for its news coverage, perhaps the settlement funding current politicos). His sister Margaret Uhlmeyer of Huntington, NY passed away last week, may these public servants, apparently in "prayer" and "peace" get to the bottom of our reported 2002 pact with the "devils" we once knew, in spite of which, we built our country.

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