Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Call to (Considered) Action | SpaceRef - Your Space Reference

"Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to call upon the Congress of the United States to initiate, via the National Research Council or other appropriate body, a formal analysis of the circumstances presented by the close encounter between the Earth and asteroid 2004MN4 in April 2029, and the potential for a subsequent collision with Earth in 2036." Back in July, 1998, my family had heard that our cousin Lydia's husband had been selected to replace Steve Perry in the band "Journey" and heard that Steve Augeri and Journey had made a song for the film "Armageddon" which has many songs in it by popular modern artists. The song we knew was titled "Remember Me" and we waited through the whole picture for it. Surprize! It's on the CD but was cut from the film, I think for the John Denver tune, "Leaving, on a Jetplane". Oh well. I hope civilization can get this proposal off in time. Ain't no way off the planet by then, maybe an Outpost.

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