Tuesday, May 31, 2005

PROGRESSIVE FILMS - Hidden Internment

"HIDDEN INTERNMENT: The Art Shibayama Story Reveals the lesser-known history of the Japanese-Latin American internment through the life story of Art Shibayama who, at 13, was taken from Peru on March 22, 1944 and interned in Crystal City Texas for two years. Despite this internment, Art was denied redress equal to that provided to Japanese Americans. Working with the Campaign for Justice, Art continues to seek a just resolution through both the Organization of American States and through the legislative route." Once said something about this in a forum after a NY Times article and having courses with Marvin K. Opler (cross-cultural psychiatry) whose brother, Morris Opler also an anthropologist in the internments, brought three briefs for Japanese-American Constitutional rights, two of which were heard by the US Supreme Court. As I recall 15 different nations in South America were complicit with their deportation to the US.

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