Wednesday, April 13, 2005


To think they almost shut down the Iridium satellite network! Wonderful oceanography tool. I once created bathymetry from digitized historical soundings (on old maps) from around Cold Spring, (across from West Point, NY) Foundry Cove (re-contoured contracted modern bathymetry) and Constitution Island, NY (nearby "World's End" a deep, deep hole in the very deep sediment of the Hudson River) for an EPA sampling, testing and remediation, I heard to have started when someone at Earth and Space Sciences at Stony Brook University, NY wanted a comparative "study marsh" to the Flax Pond (on the Long Island Sound) it holds in a 99 year lease. It was found, that, what heavy metals were supposed to have been cleaned up, weren't, hence the second clean-up, which may still result in a third, as the NY State levels of parts per liter differ from the US government's acceptable levels perhaps or as it was.

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