Friday, April 22, 2005

The Japan Times Online

I have been on Adria Hill, NY (between Central Valley and Kiryas Joel) and came on this interesting article on PCB in Japan (supposedly banned there since 1972) and reminded me of the many years it has been a battle to get it out of the Hudson River and the biosphere, this Earth Day (I planted a tree at my high school the first Earth Day in 1970, at Newfield H.S. Selden, NY), they have still not have started, though I have worked on and off the problem indirectly since the early 1980's in archaeology. My last task was to collect all the CRM reports at the State Historic Preservation Office (they closed Albany, NY that day because the heat threatened a "black-out") to be integrated into the most recent clean-up plan, and the one to be implemented.

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