Sunday, April 03, 2005

Amplitude Adjustment

It reminds me of a morning in 1983 in an officer's trailer park, at Fort Drum, NY when an earthquake in the nearby Adirondacks rattled our waking slumber, next to the Black River. Nearby is the Wheeler-Sack airfield, and I thought a large helicopter was directly over the roof, in that in-between-time between waking and rising. We were working for Envirosphere, a part of Ebasco, Texas power-plant builders in five upper floors of the former World Trade Center, doing the archaeology clearance for the new year round facility for the newly located US Army 10th Mountain Division, from Camp Hale, CO, the one Senator Bob Dole served in. One officer was showing me a brochure for the Bradley fighting vehicle and telling me they might recode ordnance to "high explosive" for powder blue, though powder blue had been dummy rounds to keep people out of what is (or was) a number of active fire zones for tanks, then A-10's and other operations, that kept their EOD busy, (explosive ordnance division or UXO unexploded ordnance, I think they call the original workers in Britain). The Black River was the last link in the Erie Canal and the only major river in New York State that flows north. At first I thought the photo was an audio signal.

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