Monday, April 04, 2005

There are Legends and There are Legends

"They tried to blow up my daddy in a car." yeah I guess Bush II has a powerful message. I am not sure if this picture was before or after the US government let the Vatican know it would not allow the Pope to visit the grave of Abraham, the "father" of Judeo-Christian tradition and belief located in Iraq, (the "Germans" have just recently found ancient Sumer, "Uruk" from which Iraq comes from and perhaps the grave of Gilgamesh, his epic, the oldest known story in the Western world) and perhaps why the Third World hates us. Che has streets named after him, and recently I think exhumed and reburied in Mexico, where he is still revered. Perhaps a bit of PR on both sides here, Cuba wanting to stay in the embargo fight Mexico has with us, they not wanting their trade decisions dictated by the US (or its citizens summarily executed without a Mexican legal defense, stopped by the World Court, reported by Toby Sterling to "The New York Sun", 2/6/2003, a paper my father once carried the four color plates for the Sunday funnies to the printers for, its building now a NYC Landmark).

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