Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sable Island, Nova Scotia (French: Sand Island) once visited by the US National Geographic in a schooner, was once "the" scary place in the North Atlantic, fogbound 300 or more days a year. There are numerous shipwrecks there from running aground on it in the trans-Atlantic crossing. Wild "Sable Island Ponies" still probably run through the wrecks and ruins perhaps eating strawberries and such as the old Geographic reported, who when they showed up, the lighthouse keeper's wife thought were real spooks at first. Satellite GPS and other navigation sure has made that danger a part of the past. The new danger here is a pipeline that will send oil and gas (mostly) to Quebec a full page ad in the NY Times said. Interestingly, the only Royal Governor in office (New Hampshire) to become a Governor after the American Revolution, was Governor Wentworth of Nova Scotia, originally had "America's oldest summer resort" on Lake Wentworth, near Wolfeboro, NH. A friend has a place near where, similarly, one of the first Supreme Court Justice's of Canada lived, Mr. Livius (and a water-power source from Mirror Lake) on Tuftonboro Neck, in "next-door" Tuftonboro, NH. The Mirror Lake was once called "Dishwater Lake" as the locals asked Mr. Livius if dumping their dishwater into the lake might help his water-powered operation work. Sable Island is one island I'm sure someone would be glad is automated, it is where the shifting sands are always changing form, where the Gulf stream current and the Labrador current meet, out in the North Atlantic, which is getting windier on average, with higher wave heights. (Picture from NASA's World Wind 1.3)  Posted by Hello

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