Tuesday, March 08, 2005

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Benjamin Thompson was head of the "Queens Rangers" on Long Island, said to have torn down Presbyterian churches to create "Fort Golgotha" in the old cemetery on top of the hill in Huntington, New York (called "Ashford" under "Lord Protector" Oliver Cromwell). Nathan Hale, after capture, was brought there before being taken to New York City, where he was hung and there stated its said, "I regret having only one life to lose for my country." A monument in Huntington, NY there attests to him being there. Where he was buried it is not known. Nathan Hale's statue in New York City, has been recently moved to the front of City Hall, in City Hall Park, after renovations there in 1999. For many years it was on the northwest corner of the park, near Chambers St. and Broadway. It now faces the statue of Benjamin Franklin across the street, who also once had a small press there. The other statue in the park is of Horace Greeley. I have worked in the archaeolgy of both Fort Golgotha and City Hall Park.

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