Friday, February 01, 2013

Columbia Shuttle Disaster Remembered 10 Years After Tragedy Killed Seven Astronauts

I was trying to dig test holes in the frozen ground in the Princeton Nursery as ordered when NASA orbiter Challenger burned up. In the frozen launch later of the Space Shuttle Columbia, you would have thought, it had an advantage, it could be seen in space, by the ISS. It should have been of course, and some rescue mission launched instead of the tragedy ten years ago. I wonder did the mission to bomb a French built nuclear power plant in Iraq, by a squadron of Israeli jets flying in close formation to appear as a disabled passenger jet on radar over other countries sovereign air-space contribute to the hubris (originally "hybris") of the mission? One of those pilots was on Space Shuttle Columbia, always to be remembered, I read. Would it have "killed them" to have looked before that leap?
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