Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jamaica's Port Royal Seeks World Heritage Status

I worked with two underwater archaeologists who had worked for a short time in Port Royal while excavating the so-called "Ronson Ship" buried at a former dock or slip in NYC. The ship, from the dead "teredo" or shipworms found in it showed the ship had been in the Caribbean and North Atlantic according to biologists. Maybe there? The point is, Port Royal could be used as a "time capsule" by which we can look at other finds, serendipitous or otherwise. And despite its "reputation" was an important port of call in the early days of nation formation and should be protected by UNESCO. It's also a very easily accessible dive, for many, unlike others that require more danger, from the sea, equipment and entanglements another reason to keep its exceptional archaeological sites. Besides, where else can you find the "wrath of the maker"? Huffington Post

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