Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dear brother and sister:

I haven't actually joined but have had to use it and other sources for work I've done with Nancy particularly in the parts of three blocks in the "Bowery" named after Peter Stuyvesant's farm or in Dutch "bouwerie". I was just watching the horror film "The Descendant" (AKA:Bleeders) filmed on Grand Manan Island, it's first and last known as "Hemoglobin" in the title and end credits, starring Rutger Hauer. I rented it from Amazon online then watch it through FIOS through the less than $100 Roku box when I want. Anyway I had been talking to Mom and called her up to say that whatever you might want to argue over "The Holland Society" in New York City has the family name "Myers" listed as part of the early settlers in New Amsterdam. The Holland Ave. I live on has nothing to do with that, named after a person, between two other persons "Hunt" and "Rhinelander".

I just jumped back over to, to see what I might have left there and they teased me with this document enclosed belonging to Lawrence George Urquhart, Mom's dad from Grand Manan. It apparently has him signing up for WWI in Montreal, Quebec, which by the way most of the film was made there also, post-production and the staff, some Grand Mananers of course helped with the film, as noted in the credits as well as the "Production dog Shakespeare". I sometimes worried he may have been the youngest in it, apparently not though still somewhere between 15 and 19, the Canadian authorities have already cited the youngest at 16 and just over 16. However perhaps you can help me make out the date at the bottom?

If I have the time and "doe ray me" I might look further into what is on, which is still expanding, though my colleagues and I usually need more location info, i.e., address info and lots, than they have but seem to be slowly providing by acquiring it. Nothing like trying to figure out everyone that ever lived on a corner in the Bowery and if they were someone famous or so related. "City Directories" some years are like phone books (remember them?) listed by alphabetical names some years (every 10 years in NYC) by addresses. The "wrecking ball" is supposed to be illegal in NYC.


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