Friday, October 14, 2011

To Governor Rick Scott: What Anthropologists Can Do for Florida

In New York we have the Division of Historical and Anthropolo­gical Services, a part of the State Museum, and they are required to review many projects that involve the potential for further science through archaeolog­y, when former areas of the state are transforme­d by modern constructi­on, i.e., roads, river dredging, etc., and building, i.e., former settlement built on. However, it can be like the hypothetic­al E.U., archaeolog­ists from France can come and excavate in England, that is companies out-of-sta­te are hired as the national preservati­on laws cover the country, though the state has its requiremen­ts also. In China they discuss two types of archaeolog­y, the one where constructi­on finds sites and the other where academic research, often underfunde­d, goes out to find sites. Most of the SHPO and THPO (state historic preservati­on offices and also tribal historic preservati­on offices) try to anticipate both and could use more people anthropolo­gy trained.

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