Monday, August 22, 2011

Jackie O: LBJ Had My Husband Killed – comment

Television critic Marvin Kittman once had an article about a Marine who was in charge of test firing the rifle at the range used in the assassination of JFK. He stated the only way, as it was, that the rifle could have hit the President was by aiming at Mrs. Jackie Kennedy. The report was left out of the Warren Commission report because of the problem apparently with the sighting of the rifle as "evidence". A tampered state of the rifle could not be negated nor its untampered state corroborated or verified in other words, I think. However, Mr. Kittman had spoken to the US Marine. Mr. Kittman thought perhaps the story that Marina Oswald had become obsessed with Mrs. Kennedy and had driven Lee Oswald to distraction, she a former citizen of the USSR, where he had once tried to defect. Mrs. Kennedy, a former reporter, whose father cut the ribbon for the opening of the George Washington Bridge in New York, was however, probably in quite a state of shock. Or perhaps she meant as a symbol, "LBJ" as the center of the ideology of a periphery of plotters, not a direct connection, a "collective" symbol. I'm sure she, as a former reporter, would have wanted to get to the bottom of that, if true.  -  #47 Mon Aug 22, 2011 6:13 PM EDT Newsvine

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