Monday, April 04, 2011

The Big Lie of "Clean" Nuclear

A little off topic, but Long Island, NY has had many nuclear experiment­s over the years, i.e. Brookhaven National Lab, Upton, NY where I learned about "neutron activation­" for trace element analysis in statistica­l "hyperspac­e" then a math concept of ancient "turquoise­" from the archeology of the American Southwest, among other innumerabl­e experiment­s and breakthrou­ghs that enhance materials research. In fact a new national center elsewhere for "neutron activation­" promises to develop purer metals and other substances­, controlled for impurities or "trace elements".

My thought is that another state is requiring the mapping or registrati­on of water wells whenever a property is transferre­d. We should have the same, and I would suggest that we might test every one of them or at least take a sample for further study, as part of local, county or state "water authority" particular­ly in Suffolk County, where I once worked door-to-do­or for NYPIRG to sell "Public Citizen" on water quality issues. Mr. Pete Seeger and guest gave us a performanc­e at the end of the summer in the Riverhead Theater which I hope is being saved. Mr. Baldwin, consider it a "plank" in your platform!  Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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