Friday, January 14, 2011

NY agency focusing more on aging bridges - WSJ - 12/7/10

Comments:  The Tappan Zee Bridge was not designed for the interstate traffic it receives daily. It was a NY State "thruway" and a toll road, that was not anticipated to carry as much as it does now. Today it links many resources. Other projects have perhaps been held up by it, i.e. a nearby truck-to-train transfer for produce, would have then again transferred in the South Bronx off the rail-cars to special trucks that would fit under every overpass in NYC, lowering produce costs by at least 5% once so-called Oak Point Link, 30 years ago. It was thought to eliminate a lot of truck traffic into and around the city by limiting unloading to the Tappan Zee area for special containers on trains shifted to special, smaller trucks.
"New York ranks 46th among the 50 states in the amount of greenhouse gases generated per person. This efficiency is primarily due to the state's higher rate of mass transit use." - Wikipedia
Can Investors Help Replace the Tappan Zee?  - Metropolis - Wall Street Journal

One of the comic book blogs has the "cartography" of maps of that medium as a focus. One of the "panels" had the location of the fictional cities of "Gotham" and "Metropolis" both opposite on the Delaware Bay between Delaware and New Jersey down near Cape May Point, NJ and strategically close to the cities of Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA and New York, NY.

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