Saturday, December 18, 2010

On Viewing: The Tappan Zee from the Half Moon to the Bridge

Half Moon to the Bridge

Tappan Zee Bridge Dedication Committee 1955 pamphlet: Thanks, I appreciate it. According to the Constitution Island history group they mention in one of their newsletters that island was an ancestral home of the Tappan natives. I sometimes think the State of NY should take it and join up with the marsh they run, once an Audubon nature preserve, Constitution Marsh. There was an attempt to grow rice there, maybe ca. WWII?  I often looked at it, and stood on it for survey and perspective of old stereo pairs of the West Point Foundry, most likely taken from there, and wondered if there wasn't a whole bunch of workers there too. If you look on my blog, there is a recent entry of maps that I've seen online that show some of the older "roads" or walkways through the marsh to Constitution Island. The island it's written somewhere also predated the American cause as cited. Bernard Romans, the Dutch patriot and cartographer to the American Revolutionary Army was in charge of designing the forts on it, which General Washington thought too...ah pretty or refined. The British later sacked and ruined them during the "divide and conquer" the Cornwallis brothers were attempting, the one a personal friend of the King. His wig tested by British forensics (Scientifics) was found to have had at least five times the amount of arsenic put into wigs recorded to prevent lice and other bugs. It's thought sitting next to the King George he may have "inadvertently" poisoned him. Ah, cloak and dagger, is there no end to it? In my opinion, not as long as there was iron manufactured in the lower Hudson River.

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