Monday, December 20, 2010

National Trust For Historic Preservation: America’s Great Outdoors

Attention New York Federal legislators:

We respectfully request that in the 111th Congress you pass America's Great Outdoors Act (S. 303), a bipartisan package of pending legislation to expand and protect our irreplaceable historic and cultural sites that would stimulate economic growth in local communities, enable more citizen-led preservation, and study important historic and cultural resources.

Believe it or not, growing up on Long Island, we would make a trip to the "Great Outdoors" camping and surplus store in Patchogue, NY, an old center of commerce on the south-side of Suffolk County, where street cars once ran. I even knew a high school English teacher, Mr. Glass who worked there part-time. This legislation is important to all those people who work in the American Great Outdoors, where I've also worked in archeology for Federal, state and local endeavors, public and private. I hope you will help by passing this needed legislation, to continue efforts in preservation and knowledge.

National Trust For Historic Preservation Press Center

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