Saturday, October 02, 2010

Revealed: How rape made Top Gun star Kelly McGillis walk away from Hollywood

Yeah for her. She sounds dedicated. I recall there was an analysis of "Top Gun" for its "return on investment" so to speak. Enlistment statistics were looked at after the release of "Top Gun" to see if had any affect. Swiss doctor, Carl G. Jung, related by marriage to the German poet, Goethe once found a slight correlation of Aries birth signs with re-enlistment, nothing else. There's a NY Times story of Goethe recruiting for the British, who used Hessians as police when they occupied NYC then.

There was a spike in enlistments in the Dutch Air Force. They said because of Kelly McGillis's remarkable resemblance to the Dutch royal princess. I also read the average Dutch guy is also over 6 feet tall these days and it might have also something to do with it, a problem I read in the U.S. jets are made for shorter people! Accommodate taller men in Holland?

I'm looking forward to her work...we'll have those vampires on the run then!

Read further at the UK’s MAIL Online

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