Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Video game law

Attorneys-General, Legal Experts, Scientists Oppose Controversial Video Game Law - G4tv.com "I don't see how this might limit a minor from say 'America's Army' which, and my experience is prior to ver. 3, is a very violent role playing game designed for recruitment, I believe. To single out others for theme and 'marginal' content for minors seems to me to be a 'funnel' into selective services. The National Guard began protecting U.S. capitals, first NYC, then Philadelphia, and was called out to protect the people of NYC in the 'draft riots' and Washington, D.C. in the Civil War. This seems like some 'uber-mensch' strategy to turn our citizen armed services into corporate lackies for foreign wars. You will play 'our' game and you will like it."

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