Tuesday, September 28, 2010

“This is Our Beat” : CJR for the "Education Nation"

“This is Our Beat” : CJR
In the 1960s a proposal to dam the Hudson River at Storm King Mountain in the Hudson Highlands was fought and stopped. Unfortunately the Cold War had brought the nickel-cadmium contamination to the village just down the river, Cold Spring, NY, in the production of batteries for the NIKE missile defense system. It's been cleaned up twice since, the former "last use" "school book repository" broken up and with the former West Point Foundry Cove marsh, hauled up and out on the rail-bed that formerly carried bridge works and building parts, in the early 20th c., the Chicago Bridge Co. In the 19th c. 2 or 3 thousand cannons and other ironwork came out on the rails of the iron industry centered in the historic West Point Foundry. The marsh there was once a part of Audubon, I read working there for the EPA, part of the Academy's only Hudson River east-side holding, Constitution Island, where a Great Chain once stretched to block the British Navy from a "divide and conquer" of the colonies and a number of, later fallen, forts built. Today the West Point Foundry Historic Site belongs to Scenic Hudson, Inc., who fought the dam, and the marsh, administered by the State of New York. Perhaps a similar course might be taken to benefit Louisiana.

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