Monday, July 26, 2010

Tornado In New York? Some Think Massive Storm Was Twister (VIDEOS)

I can't see the damage here in Holland Ave., around the corner from Cruger, Bronxdale (former Bear Swamp Rd) and Sagamore Aves., where Regis Philbin, but the wind was different blew through the street from north to south, unusual, west to east, more drifting the snow, and then followed by quite a serious of flashes and heavy wind-whipped rain. My friend was watching the YES Yankee game on cable, and before they brought out the tarps, interference patterns began forming on the TV and the sky grew very dark to the north. I think all cable comes from satellite and perhaps atmospherics the cause. There was a Whole Earth Catalog report of a UHF channel to tune to, if it turns white, there's a tornado within 2 minutes, though unreliable and the government disavows any such warning, it depends on "supercells" of electrical energy forming high in the atmposphere, not allways in storms, its though before tornados. Someone years ago studied traffic patterns in and out of cities in Texas to see if "weekenders" and other patterns might give them a "seed" which is another story about Kurt Vonnegut's brother a cloud seeder scientist at SUNY Albany.
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