Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's Time To Clear the Air at Ground Zero

About 10 years before, I was taught 3D photo recording from a Canadian firm, from Rollei. They were interested in being prepared, the next time, for an air-crash, in Gander, Newfoundland, when a blizzard covered a US military one. The new system and a helicopter flyover would allow data recreated back in an office on digitizer tablets and PCs. It was used in vehicle accidents in Great Britain, to build a "Crazy Horse Monument" also tested underwater by NOAA. Nearby, an Avianca jet, Flight 52, crashed on Cove Neck, Long Island, that January 1990 after a miscalled fuel emergency. We were testing it in archaeological recording, for an EPA Superfund Hudson River site in Cold Spring, NY, the West Point Foundry where the cannon that "won the civil war", on the periphery of it and a nickel-cadmium contamination from batteries, for NIKE missiles, once found around major cities.

Why wasn't on 9/12/01 it declared a HAZMAT Superfund site? I went through a number of training classes to work in archaeology on them, providing numerous blood and urine samples, before-and-after, first to Mt. Sinai's Occupational Medicine dept., then to another private doctor in NJ. Why wasn't "martial law" declared in such a large tragedy? Am I "over-managed" in thinking what was good for me would have been good for the responders, some of the first from the Bronx where I live?
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