Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dangerous Minds | Tropic of Cancer: the movie (and the summer solstice in Northern hemisphere)

Jun 11, 2010 George Stephen Myers says:
Thank you for the link to “Ulysses”. To think I had to “go to China” to see it seems outrageous or at the very least, extreme. Here, we have Mayor Bloomburg, hardly Leopold. I’ve seen a few live productions at the university level (Stony Brook, where Nobel laureate C.N. Yang taught) of “Ulysses in Night Town” and attempted to read the story a number of times and I thought the film wonderfully close to the authors intent, a masterful use of cinema to tell a story, one hard to understand in print, though in retrospect, once kept out of the USA by “legal” prejudice.
Jun 11, 2010 George S. Myers says:
I also noticed the so-called “Vulcan salute” from TV’s “Star Trek” (1966) used by the “alien” Mr. Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy, is shown also used by “Leopold Bloom” played by Milo O’Shea in “Ulysses” (1967) directed by recently deceased Joseph Strick. It’s in a “dream sequence” where he’s mayor of Dublin, Ireland or somewhere near that in the film. Mr. Nimoy states it is from the Jewish worship he attended.
Dangerous Minds | Tropic of Cancer: the movie

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