Monday, March 08, 2010

New "Voodoo"

A friend Gary Troisi sent me this photo.

The scarier jets there were two I recall F-101 Voodoo jets that Grumman was asked to improve and resulted in the F-14 I've read recently. They had nuclear capabilities and were the first fighter bombers in use in Vietnam (maybe bombed Oliver Stone like in "Platoon" he said the other day) and were the official jet of Canada for longer than we used them. I was at an air-show in 1967(?) with Mr. Page and Mr. Peters who both worked on the LEM project, and their sons, who were also in Explorer Post 222 which we camped alot with (1 a month) had hunters safety and frequented the rifle range on Sundays with. Anyway at the airshow, I wandered off a bit into a hanger and there was a Voodoo, I climbed up the ladder and looked and back down left the hanger to rejoin my friends. Once and awhile we used to hear jets breaking the sound barrier rattling the windows and it was probably the Calverton Navy airport they were flying out of. The LEM, Mr. Page said was built all over Long Island in different machine shops so no one could get the "big picture" and he was in charge of organizing it, an employee when Grumman was a smaller machine shop in the "Cradle of Aviation" making parts for various aircraft in Bethpage, not Long Island's largest employer of 25,000, working 3 shifts. They moved to Norfolk, VA and more recently are moving into D.C. I've read.
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