Saturday, March 27, 2010

Moth forces wine country’s secret into the open

Years ago in the late 1970s the Hargrave Vineyard opened on New York’s sunniest land the North Fork of Long Island. They found in research that the first there were by a “Moses” who was shown how to graft European plants onto the native grape plants by the Rocky Point “Indians” in the 1600s. There’s a Norse saga that has a German traveler from the Rhine who named “Vinland” somewhere in the northeast. The Long Island vineyards were destroyed in hurricanes in the 1840s, literally blown off. I hope the moth isn't about to appear there too, maybe Cornell Agricultural Extension in Southold, NY is already on it. This isn’t for the California University variety that turned out chewed up by mites, only flooding would have saved the “recommended” type is it?
Moth forces wine country’s secret into the open – San Diego News Network

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