Monday, January 18, 2010

Plum Island Mystery: Body Washes Ashore On New York's Secretive Government Island

I recall seeing the Plum Island animal disease research center described on TV back in the 1950s on "Modern Farmer" which a kid could see if they got up real early on Saturday morning, (and the military's "Big Picture") before the cartoons came on. After that I felt like I had won a lottery, two weeks by rail to a dairy farm from the South Bronx to Roaring Branch, PA near Canton, part of a PAL program (Police Athletic League) with my brother, he 6 or 7, me 7 or 8, with about 60+ dairy cows and 200 acres.

The closure of Plum Island is discussed and "move, upgrade" to the former military site in Rome, NY, fenced so effectively, there's a herd of "white" white-tailed deer. The Plum Island historic lighthouse was saved by local preservation, where some think the first military battle of the American Revolution took place. There the remains of former fortifications are, historic and modern. The federal facility had been having trouble with the generators and labor (no connection). A power cable to Orient Point may have problems, reported flickering on and off. Orient Point is where ferries leave for New London, Connecticut, two casinos, Foxwoods and Mohican Sun a destination. I watched Denham Brothers fabricate Shinnecock Canal lock doors in Centereach, NY, and hope a Long Island casino might open, and preserve arts and funds left. The US Dept. of Commerce once advertised the yearly, around US Labor Day, Shinnecock Pow-Wow.

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