Saturday, January 30, 2010

? Formula for rudders? (subarch: Underwater Archaeology) Corrections: italics

I  was interested in browsing, "Sea-Man's Grammar and Dictionary, Explaining all the difficult Terms in Navigation: and the Practical Navigator and Gunner: In Two Parts." by Captain John Smith: Sometimes Governour of Virginia, and Admiral of New England: Now much Amplified and Enlarged, with variety of Experiments, since his time, made by several Experienced Navigators and Gunners. London; Printed, and are to be Sold by Randal Taylor near Stationers Hall, 1691" and this was a good impetus.

It presents no formulas for rudders but others for many parts of the ship. About "rudder", it's always capitalized. The text uses much of the then typeset convention of "f" for "s" and also bold terms in a highly stylized, almost medieval type, shown here in single quotes:

end of paragraph..."The 'Whip-ftaffe' is that piece of wood like a ftrong ftaffe the Steerman or Helmfmen hath always in his hand going thorough the 'Rowl', [margin: The Rowle.] and then made faft to the Tiller with a Ring.”
new paragraph...”The 'Tiller' is a ftrong piece of wood made faft to the 'Rudder', which is a great timber fomewhat like a Plank, made according to the burthern of the Ship, and hung at the Stern upon Hooks and Hinges, they call 'Pintels' and 'Gudgeons', or 'Rudder-Irons'. The Tiller playeth in the 'Gun-room' over the Ordnances by the Whip ftaff; whereby the Rudder is fo turned to and fro as the Helmesman pleafeth, and the 'Cat-holes' are over the Ports, right with the Capftain (capstan) as they can, to heave the Ship a ftern by a Cable or a Haufer called a Stern-faft..." p.12

And of course always remember:

"Then for the Captains Cabin or great Cabin, the Steerage, the halfDeck, the Round-houfe, the Fore-caftle, and to bind an end with the Capftern and all things fitting for the Sea, the Smiths work, the carving, joyning, and painting excepted, are the principal things I remembred to be obferved: for a "Charter-party" (italics) betwixt the Merchant, the Mafter, and the Owner, you have Prefidents of all forts in moft Scriveners fhops." ? p. 14.

Found on a personal site looking at Star Trek stuff.

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