Friday, December 04, 2009

The Secret Bowling Alley

To add to bowling alley locations I have two. Germania Hall, on the Bowery, where during the Haymarket Riots in Chicago, I think, and people peaceably in NYC assembled in various halls, this one recently torn down and was where Kate Mullaney, of Troy, NY, sitting next to Susan B. Anthony was the first women elected to union management, is listed in a city history as a single lane bowling alley. Unfortunately the history of it as a predominately Upstate National Guard unit, perhaps descended from the Revolutionary War and post-war protection of the early government, the first federal assembly in NYC, later known as "Steuben Rifles" may have been overlooked, perhaps for its use in the "draft riots" in the Civil War, one its officer's tried in courts martial. The later guard unit up the street became the Seventh Ave Armory, the only privately built one.

The other bowling alley is in the Wave Hill complex in Riverdale in the Bronx, two Hudson River estates joined, one where Samuel Clemens, Arturo Toscanini, and others lived, lastly the British Embassy compound in the early 1960s. I mapped an inventory of trees in the botanical center and performance place today. The lower level of the "promenade" has an entrance to a single lane bowling alley, said the archaeologist then working in Riverdale Park on the proposed impacts to remove invading species of plants that were severely altering the ecology of the park on the Hudson River.
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