Saturday, October 31, 2009

Martians in New Jersey: Remembering the War of the Worlds

I worked archaeology testing nearby in Penns Neck, NJ, part of a proposed Route 1 interchange for Princeton, NJ. The road to Grovers Mill was closed then as the bridge was being replaced. The RCA Sarnoff research center, a co-developer of "successful television" and a General in WWII in charge of "ionospheric" transmissions, i.e., large acreage of wires stretched about tree top level in New Jersey nearby, and on Long Island, NY, (Rocky Point, NY ~4500 acres given to NY state for $1 for parkland), to transmit radio and perhaps images to Europe at night were in place nearby or proposed. I remember the "strange shaped water tower" in Grovers Mill, on a tripod that was apparently shot at with a shotgun after the radio show. I purchased a PCjr internal modem slot interface for a faster external modem nearby after the bridge was finished and the job done. We found one Orient Fishtail projectile point in the gas-line pipe trench in the research center's front yard.

So I think perhaps, the "Martians" chose their landing site carefully that Halloween. Happy landings!

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