Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dispelling the Myths Behind Columbus

OK it was taught that the world was considered "flat" perhaps as in off the edge of a piece of parchment there might be monsters of the sea. I also read that Columbus did his homework, Masons of Bristol, England report his query regarding lands sighted by fishing west. His father, a pilot hired by the Italians might have been Danish!

The survival of Spanish-Jewish tradition in the "New World" perhaps shows they had left already before Columbus! Botanical descriptions of maize in early Arabic treatises and perhaps are depicted where the Chinese "discoverer" of North America died, in India, in difficult to date sculpture that was described by an archaeologist working on the origins of turquoise trade from mines in the American Southwest found in the Aztec culture in prehistoric Mexico.

Columbus named the east point of land in Cuba, "Cape Maysi" (Maisi), near Guantanamo. It is where in 1871, "Wanderer" sank in a storm, built in Setauket, NY outfitted for slave-running in 1858 by a cotton broker, boarded by a British anti-slavery blockade off Africa where it was thought "too luxurious" and landed on Jekyll Island, Georgia in 1859 with a cargo of slaves, a third of which perished in the "Middle Passage" and perhaps precipitated the American Civil War, as it became a "chess piece" and later mail packet for the Union, it was used in the early fruit trade in the Caribbean.

Surely Americans don't want to blame slavery on Columbus yet?
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