Saturday, August 15, 2009

Woodstock: 40 years later still on foot between Grand Central Station and Pennsylvania Station…

As a dishwasher at Camp Timber Lake, in 1968, we used to go into Woodstock, NY where the small village green had the sign "KEEP OFF GRASS". You could actually get a swordfish steak there in Dino's. I didn't know Bob Dylan and family and others were there too. "Out back" behind the camp is now the "Westkill Mountain Wilderness Area" which is a good thing, it's often frequented by bears according to the locals.

I had stayed by the "Hogfarm" bus mostly and the "first stage". Later seen in "Quest" magazine, the Hogfarm (also in "Easy Rider") bus and people went to India to help eradicate smallpox. Thought they found the last case, unfortunately not, Africa was, and the "governments" of the US and Russia still stockpile it. George Washington had it, one time he left the country as a youth, on a survey. Gave my ticket away years later. 40 years later there's still no connection between Grand Central Station and Pennsylvania Station. Barefoot after Woodstock dropped off at the wrong station. Not enough $. Took the subway out near the LIE. Walked a lot, slept a bit, got home with some help from the "Armadillo" drummer out in the early morning to go clamming (venus mercenaria) in the Great South Bay.

A few years later at Watkins Glen Music Festival, a woman friend slipped off the top of one of those round bus roofs. Piggyback to the medical tent to set her leg and piggy-back back to the little white bus from Colorado Springs, CO with a propane toilet. I helped Mr. Hyde, carrying a Sony video port-a-pack around interviewing people for a class. It was the dawning of a new for everyone! Big Brother is watching!

More recently, I went to the "REO Speedwagon, Styx, Journey" concert in the Nassau Coliseum. Stadium seating is a good thing, my cousin's husband, Steve Augeri, was the lead singer for Journey starting around "Armageddon" the film until he had some lung problems seven years later. I enjoyed seeing the West Coast band and his first appearance in NYC at the Beacon Theater, which has since had a multi-million $ renovation, a grand old theater, like the one Steve told me to go see "Quest For Fire" in Brooklyn.

I work-studied weekends in the Stony Brook University gym undergrad/grad and saw many of the acts back in the late 70's and early 80's until employed as a weekend cleaner in part at Stony Brook's, then finally, Staller Center for the Arts. A "townie" I had attended many rock concerts at Stony Brook University back in the late 60's and 70's when it was a stop for many of the headliners tours, i.e., Kinks, Who, Jimi Hendrix, free Jefferson Airplane summer outdoor concert, Allman Brothers, Mountain, J. Geils, (was that Faye Dunaway I saw on stage in the sound-check etc.) not that I saw them all but I think the overall affect was good for the Arts in general, at least there.

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